Create Your Mix. We Have The Listeners.

We work with DJs across the world.

Colossium Radio is the market place for audio entertainment. We offer listeners a unique listening experience like no other in the world. Our listeners love mixes and we are committed to giving them the best of mixes. As a DJ you have the ears of our listeners so go ahead and create that mix. We will it publish at no cost at all!

Keep It Clean & Short…

We know DJs enjoy creating mixes and are attempted to record hours of plays. That’s GREAT! But that will not get you many listeners. Here’s what we highly recommend to you.

  • All mixes must not exceed 120mins.
  • Mixes should not exceed 150MB in file size.
  • Keep your mixes clean with minimum jingles to enhance the listening experience of listeners.
  • Play jingles at the start of your mix, again at 15 minutes intervals and at the end of your mix to avoid distracting listeners with jingles – so always remember to keep it clean & short.

Here’s an example of how to place jingles on your mix…

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